China Ocean Fishing Holdings Limited

The supply chain management remains the main focus of the Group. The Group is providing intermediate service between suppliers and customers and it takes advantage of the business networks and resources in order to assist SMEs in various industries to minimise the overall operation cost. Owing to the solid financial background of the Group and the great demand for supply chain service in mainland China, the Group has established many strategic partnerships with other supply chain companies, so as to undertake the operation of purchase and sales based on the services on import and export trade, logistic, customs clearance and storage.

To cope with the growing business of the supply chain management, Shenzhen Qianhai Sky Forever Industry Chain Management Company Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company) collaborated with SAP (Beijing) Software System Company Limited for designing and building up an effective big data platform. The platform would support point to point operation process, real time planning,execution, reporting and analysis function. It was expected that the new system under our development embodied the main idea of supply chain management – centralised purchase, production, sales, settlement and financial management. The development of the system of big data platform was suspended during the Year and full impairment loss on software development and maintenance cost was made.

With the lead of the management team, the Company is actively exploring business opportunities in other sectors to diversify risks and broaden the sources of income of the Company. The Company has adequate resources to continue with its business operations, and will continue to focus on its corporate objective to develop current businesses in order to strengthen its competitiveness, integrate its capital resources and contribute a maximum wealth to our equity holders. Noting that the supply chain management business is not having a stable growth during the Year, the Company will pay close attention to its performance and future development. At the same time, the management will continuously monitor and review the overall operation and financial performance of the Group’s businesses so as to cope with the everchanging business environment.

The management will keep proactively seeking for other investment and business opportunities with promising prospect to broaden the source of income of the Group and enhance value to the shareholders of the Company. Finally, on behalf of the Board, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all members of the Board and staff for their dedication and contribution to the Group and to those who have supported us. We will continue to make our best efforts in developing our businesses to produce good economic results and better return for our shareholders.

The 5.0 edition business model

1. Integrated industry chain business landscape
2. Business alliance and association business operation platform
3. International financial vision resembling a Listed company
4. Dynamic supply chain core application technique
5. System platform business model

1. Medium and small enterprises service expert

Nowadays, difficulties in enterprises’ development are more than financing; labor cost , material cost increase ; corporate order profit margin decrease ; corporate only facing more difficulties but not less, various of issues pop-up ; the expert at serving medium and small enterprises, help you resolve issue, say goodbye to issues by yourself , and achieve collaboration , innovation and win-win situation.

2. Innovative integrated industry chain platform business model leader

Targeted on Enterprises to be listed, remodeling of business model, helping you solve the fundamental problems for enterprise development, and injecting great power into enterprises through platform operation model!

3. Expert at alliance system operation

The era of alliance is coming soon, many enterprise are seeking for grouping development, yet they suffer from finding the method for grouping. Targeting business association, social organizations and industrial clusters, through dynamic supply chain technique, offer you the solution to grouping development and entering local markets , and help you multiple your value and fission your system.

4. Industry capital operation system pioneer and executor

Targeted on upstream, midstream and downstream enterprise in the industrial chain, through the industrial- chain integrated platform closed-cycle operation system, provide all around industry chain solution. Truly realize low-cost financing, zero-cost financing and profitable financing! Help you bridge with various market capital source such as; bank, fund, venture capital and international funding institute.

5. Logistic- industry chain integrated platform leader

Through international logistics network platform leading to the world, provide sophisticate and customized service; we offer you excellent and sophisticate customized service , covering International logistics, import and export, domestic logistic, storage and dispatching.

6. Supply chain platform system integrated service expert

A standardized, professional, efficient, centralized, informational industry chain International business center. Helps you realize outsourcing of non-core business, Centralized procurement, centralized logistics, import and export, centralized sale, centralized information system platform and centralized settlement.

7. Customized supply chain project solution expert

Customers’ request, investigation and analysis, plan, innovate and recreate customized project solution, project implementation and guidance, Industry chain integrated platform support + resource matching + great supply chain operate system.

Core Values - Economic Chain

Economic Chain, Value Chain Industry Chain is the catalyze for the endless development of a corporate, their integrated industry chain directly impact on the world economic landscape. The value, is your value, It will become:

1. Industry chain integrated platform
2. Realtor Industry chain business alliance
3. Industry chain business resources alliance
4. Industry chain business united nations
5. Industry chain financial global village

Core Values - Our Services
industry integrated platform help you to achieve:

1. Profitable financing
2. More orders
3. Free services
4. Global network
5. Lower Cost
6. Profit sharing optimization
7. Capability maximization
8. The right to determine

Great Truths Development Limited (BVI)
Rich Flash Limited (HK)
Mindsim Limited (HK)
Business Ahead Management Limited (HK)
Golden Thai Marine Products Group Limited (HK)
Wisdom Glory Technology Limited (HK)
Global United Investments Consultants Limited (HK)
深圳宇恒貿易管理有限公司 (PRC)
深圳前海宇恒產業鏈管理有限公司 (PRC)

The above table lists the subsidiaries of the Company which, in the opinion of the directors, principally affected the results for the year or formed a substantial portion of the net assets of the Group. To give details of other subsidiaries would, in the opinion of the directors, result in particulars of excessive length.